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The Power of Smutby: the BMac cRACKED pASSPORT sAGA!

by | May 19, 2020 | The Power of Smutby | 0 comments

As told by Rob “chief”” Hersov:

“On the morning of Friday November 16th 2018, Smutbies were shocked to read a message from a very popular fellow Smutby, Irish Rockstar Brian McFadden, who had just landed at OR Tambo (Johannesburg) from London and had been told he had a broken passport and therefore could not enter the country – and, worse, they would be deporting him within two hours on the next flight out!

BMac was put in ä “holding pen” and not allowed to make calls so he got onto WhatsApp and sent out the SOS to Smutby SA!

Immediately, Smutby went into overdrive and 12 different Smutbies called their best contacts to help out – the Head of the Airport, the Head of Immigration, top people at the police and at Home Affairs, various Embassies and Ambassadors. I called the British High Commissioner to get the Irish Ambassadors number. No stone was left unturned.

And, lo and behold, within a mere two hours from the SOS alert, BMac had a brand new Irish passport and was standing outside OR Tambo with his passport held aloft, screaming. And was then on a plane to Cape Town to perform a set of concerts – well attended by proud Smutbies.

This was the first real moment that we all realised the power of what we had created – the Power of Smutby had been released and would never go back into the lantern again! This was the beginning of passing the goodness forward…………………”


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